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Why Your Thanksgiving Meal Makes You Tired

Why Your Thanksgiving Meal Makes You Tired

Today, you’re gonna shovel one hell of a lot of turkey and pie down your throat, then collapse in a food-coma in front of the TV. But why does your huge meal make you feel like snoozing?

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Sprint Galaxy S3 having a turn at the Android 4.3 update


It seems Samsung has ironed out any issues with the Galaxy S3 4.3 update, at least in the US

Sprint has joined the fray and the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 is now pushing out hard and heavy on all four major US carriers. Besides the improvements and stability that should come with 4.3, this one will add support for the Galaxy Gear if you've been eyeing Samsung's smartwatch but don't feel like buying a Note 3.

As usual, results for the OTA will be mixed and at least a few folks will hit a snag or two. Everything you need to know will get talked about in the forums, so that's where you should be.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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Phone Carriers Reject Anti-Theft Plan So They Can Sell More Insurance

Phone Carriers Reject Anti-Theft Plan So They Can Sell More Insurance

Remember the idea to prevent cell phone theft with a so-called kill switch that would disable the device remotely after it had been stolen? Well, lawmakers are having the darnedest time getting a policy in place, in part due to carriers. Let me rephrase that: due to greedy carriers.

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Substitutions for iOS can help you find food alternatives due to allergy or heath concerns

Substitutions for iOS can help you find food alternatives due to allergy or heath concerns

Substitutions for both iPhone and iPad lets you search for alternatives to foods, beverages, and even utensils. Ever had a time where you forgot something at the store or you didn’t realize one of your guests had a food allergy? Substitutions most likely has a suggestion. This makes it a great app to have on hand, just in case you ever need it, as most of us will.

The first thing you notice about Substitutions is that it’s very simple. There aren’t tons of menus to weed through or tap into. No detailed descriptions to read. Just search for or drill down into the category and find the item you need a substitute for. You’ll see the substitute suggestions directly underneath it. That’s it.

Unfortunately, I’ve been allergic to different kinds of alcohol for as long as I can remember. Even though the alcohol content is cooked out during preparation, I have had minor reactions depending on the kind. Now I know with just a few taps what we can substitute when we run into a recipe that has alcohols in it that bother me. Beyond that, most recommended substitutions are items that most of us have in our homes on a regular basis.

Substitutions also allows you to add your own substitutions or share existing ones. If you know of something that isn’t listen, simply add it. I especially like the utensils section as we never seem to be able to find a pan or knife we need. It’s good to know there are alternatives that are normally something we do have laying around.

If you or someone in your home as allergies or health restrictions, there’s no reason not to have Substitutions on your iPhone or iPad.


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The Nexus 5 vs. the Moto X


Google's two smartphone divisions offer a very different take on 'stock' Android

We love Android phones. That means we have a few of them laying around, and when a hot new one like the Nexus 5 comes out, we can take our time and compare our favorites against it. You've seen how we think the G2 from LG and HTC's One match up to Google's new Nexus, and now it's time for my take on how the Moto X fares against the mighty Nexus.

It's worth mentioning that I almost didn't write this. I'm pretty impressed with the Moto X and phones that can't duplicate it's features aren't going to win my heart. But in the end, since I've been using a Moto X every minute of every day since they became available, it fell on my shoulders. I'm also a huge Nexus fan, so I think we can keep things fair. 

That being said, let's have a look at two of the best phones money can buy on any platform today — the Moto X and the Nexus 5.

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Intelligence Officials Aim To Pre-Empt More Surveillance Leaks

U.S. Army Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, speaks during a conference at the Ronald Reagan Building, in October.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

U.S. Army Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of U.S. Cyber Command, speaks during a conference at the Ronald Reagan Building, in October.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

NSA officials are bracing for more surveillance disclosures from the documents taken by former contractor Edward Snowden — and they want to get out in front of the story.

In a recent speech, NSA Director Keith Alexander said Snowden may have taken as many as 200,000 NSA documents with him when he left his post in Hawaii. If so, the vast majority of them have yet to be released.

Intelligence officials tell NPR they believe Snowden’s secrets fall into four categories:

ŸInformation on NSA capabilities, such as how it is able to collect communications data through its electronic surveillance of telephone records and online information transfers;

ŸNSA intelligence reports on threats, foreign leaders and other topics, assembled on the basis of its collection of signals intelligence — SIGINT — i.e., electronic intercepts;

ŸInformation on NSA partnerships, such as those made with private U.S. tech companies and foreign intelligence services;

ŸDetails of SIGINT “requirements” levied against the NSA by other U.S. government agencies, meaning the specific intelligence requests made to the NSA by the State Department, the Pentagon, the CIA, or the FBI.

Most of the disclosures so far have pertained to NSA capabilities and NSA partnerships. Officials are most concerned about the fourth category of secrets — the “requirements” disclosures.

NSA officials say the agency is now dealing with about 36,000 pages of such requirements from various government agencies, all of them specifying intelligence targets about some government agency that wants more information.

Disclosure of these requests could reveal where there are gaps in U.S. intelligence and therefore highlight some U.S. vulnerabilities. NSA officials say few, if any, of the disclosures so far fall into this category.

With respect to other information held by Snowden and his allies but not yet publicized, the NSA is now considering a proactive release of some of the less sensitive material, to better manage the debate over its surveillance program.

“We’re working on how do we do that,” says Richard Ledgett, the NSA official in charge of the agency’s response to the Snowden disclosures.

For a proactive release not to cause problems, Ledgett says, the NSA would first have to consider which secrets cannot be divulged without harming national security.

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Toronto mayor, hammered, appears in another strange video

By Allison Martell

TORONTO (Reuters) – Just days after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apologized for smoking crack cocaine, he admitted on Thursday he was “extremely, extremely inebriated” in a short expletive-laden video posted online.

The news hit as a campaign by some city councillors to ask the provincial government to remove Ford gathered steam.

The blurry, 80-second clip, posted on the Toronto Star’s website and shown on Canadian television, shows a clearly agitated Ford ranting and pounding his hands together, while at least one other person seems to goad him on.

The Toronto Star said it had paid for the video, and said the context of the video was not clear.

“He dies or I die,” Ford says in the clip, which also refers to something happening “in that ring.” He adds: “I need fucking 10 minutes to make sure he’s dead. It’ll be over in 5 minutes.”

Minutes after the video was posted, Ford emerged from his City Hall office to apologize.

“All I can say is – again – I’ve made mistakes. All I can do is reassure the people that … I just wanted to come out and tell you I saw the video, it’s extremely embarrassing,” Ford said. “Obviously, I was extremely, extremely inebriated.”

The mayor did not say who he was talking about in the video.

On Tuesday, Ford made international headlines when he admitted he had smoked crack cocaine, “probably in one of my drunken stupors.” He apologized and promised it would never happen again.

For months, the mayor had been dodging questions about reports by media blog Gawker and the Toronto Star that he had been caught on tape using the drug.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair said last week the force had obtained a video “consistent” with those reports, without describing its contents in detail.

Ford has refused to resign, and vowed to run for re-election next October. It is difficult to force the mayor of Toronto out of office, unless he or she violates election or conflict of interest rules, or goes to prison. There are no recall elections of the sort that take place in the United States.

But Toronto’s city council may vote next week to ask the provincial government to remove Ford from his job.

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, a former Ford supporter, drafted that motion. He told local media on Thursday that he does not believe the province would act without the support of a “large majority” of council.

Even some who want Ford ousted may balk. Councillor James Pasternak warned that the motion could set a “dangerous and risky precedent,” but did not rule out supporting it.

“I’m hoping for a dignified exit before then, and that way we can spare any more harm to the city,” he told reporters on Thursday.

At one point in the video posted on Thursday, an unknown voice says “Mike Tyson,” presumably referring to the boxer. Earlier this year Ford arm-wrestled Hulk Hogan, the professional wrestler, at a media event.

The Toronto Sun, which posted a few seconds from the video, said a source close to the mayor had confirmed it showed Ford, but said it “looks a lot worse than it really is” because the mayor “sometimes goes off on tangents. (Reporting by Allison Martell; editing by Janet Guttsman and Jackie Frank)

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Blame Insurance Companies, Not Obama

Liar! Pinocchio! Deceiver!

With all the charges flying against President Obama in the on-going effort to stop ObamaCare it’s time for a reality check.

Having failed to kill the Affordable Care Act in Congress by shutting down the government the opposition is currently taking delight in charging the president will lying to the public when he said anyone who likes their current healthcare plan will be able to keep it under the new law.

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Jennifer Connelly Brings Taller Son Kai, 16, as Date to NYC Event: Picture

Who’s the handsome man on Jennifer Connelly‘s arm? Her 16-year-old son! The 42-year-old actress brought her eldest son, Kai, as her date to the 19th annual Artwalk in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

PHOTOS: Celebrities and their lookalike kids

The mother and son posed for a photo together, and Connelly looked noticeably shorter than her teenage son — even in heels. The Dilemma actress looked like a proud mother as she held Kai’s arm, and showed off her classy little black dress and short new hairdo. Kai looked handsome in a black suit and tie while giving a big smile to photographers.

PHOTOS: 10 sexiest Jennifers in Hollywood

Kai is Connelly’s only child from a previous relationship with photographer David Dugan. The New Yorker is also mom to son Stellan, 10, and daughter Agnes, 2, with husband Paul Bettany, whom she wed in 2003. 

PHOTOS: Celeb moms on the go

In a recent interview with Redbook, the Oscar winner and busy mom of three said she doesn’t think about aging too much. “When I do, it’s to wonder what we [as a family] want out of life,” she shared. “Are we doing the things that we enjoy? I don’t want to put happiness off to the future, because you never know what life will bring. As I get older, I have a clearer sense of what’s important to me.”

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‘Zombies’ swarm Tokyo Tower in Halloween stunt

TOKYO (AP) — A zombie swarm in Tokyo? Why not, it’s Halloween.

Led by a former sumo grand champion, about 1,000 beauty schools students and Halloween fun-seekers descended on Tokyo Tower — the Japanese capital’s most iconic landmark — on Thursday in a “zombie attack” organized by Fox International Channels, Japan, to mark the beginning in the country of Season 4 of the popular TV show “The Walking Dead.”

Replete with black eyes, blood-soaked clothes and enough open wounds to fill several emergency rooms, the “zombies” covered the grounds of the tower in central Tokyo after making their way across town on buses and trains — much to the surprise of unsuspecting onlookers.

Halloween is popular in Japan, and Tokyo’s subways are often crowded with partygoers in full costume on Halloween night.

“Our only concern is that somebody might see all these zombies and have a heart attack,” said Dan Smith, a Fox producer who thought up the stunt.

Leading the zombie charge was Chad Rowan, who is famous in Japan under his sumo name, Akebono. Rowan, who is now a pro wrestler, is the first foreigner to reach sumo’s highest rank and stands 203 centimeters tall (6-foot-8).

“It’s great to be doing this in Tokyo,” said Rowan, who was dressed in black and had his face made up to look like he had two large gashes on his forehead. “It’s so unusual to be able to do something like this here.”

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